Spring time breaks in Yorkshire

With the fading of the inhospitable Yorkshire winter comes the arrival of spring, perhaps the best season in which to visit this glorious part of the country, particularly with the range of luxury hotels and spas to choose from. Take your pick in North Yorkshire From York’s National Railway Museum to the historic Rievaulx Abbey […]

The brilliance of countryside wedding venues

We’ll start by asking the question – what makes the perfect wedding?  And we’ll begin our answer with – a happy couple … but clearly there’s so much more to it than that. If we take it as a given that there’s a happy couple involved – otherwise presumably (and hopefully) they wouldn’t be getting […]

How Country House Hotels are the Perfect Excuse to Escape the City

Before we begin, it’s only fair to point out that cities can be wonderful places to live in and to visit.  Just think about Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, (Italy’s doing rather well on this list!), Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin … or if we want to go slightly further afield, New York, Vancouver, Cape Town, Hong Kong, […]