How Country House Hotels are the Perfect Excuse to Escape the City

Before we begin, it’s only fair to point out that cities can be wonderful places to live in and to visit.  Just think about Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, (Italy’s doing rather well on this list!), Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin … or if we want to go slightly further afield, New York, Vancouver, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Sydney, Rio … the list goes on (and apologies if we’ve missed out your favourite – sadly we can’t list them all!).

The buildings, the bars and restaurants, the night life, the galleries, museums, parks, attractions … the sheer buzz you get from spending time in one of the great cities … makes them brilliant places to be in.



Seriously, cities have their advantages but they also have their disadvantages.  And it’s one thing to spend a few days staying in a luxury city centre hotel and mooching around sight-seeing, shopping, and people-watching in bars, it’s quite another spending all or most of your time there – when it can take on a totally different perspective.  The traffic, the congestion, the noise, the crowds, the price of beer, the price of everything … it can really get to you!

So what’s to be done about it?  Well, for starters let’s ignore Woody Allen’s very amusing thoughts on the country, and focus on the joys of spending a while away from all that traffic, congestion, noise, and crowds … and think about views like this:

lakedistrict boat one

And the great news is – you can enjoy views like this in one of our superb Country House Hotels

Why Country House Hotels are the perfect escape

Just think of how beautifully relaxing – and potentially romantic – spending time in a place like this would be!  You take a short break from city life, you stay in luxury, you spoil yourself every day, you go walking, visit beautiful villages, see historic buildings (ok ok so Rome has a few of its own!) … and you can do it all in the UK – no need to book flights and have all the associated hassle.

You might find time to get in some golf, or some spa treatments, or you might just want to chill out.

And you know what?  You probably won’t be amazed at how expensive a pint of beer is either?

So come on, treat yourself to a break from city life, and be prepared to have the time of your life!

We know everything about how to give our guests a wonderful time. We are a collection of some of the finest independent and exclusive luxury family boutique hotels in the United Kingdom.


So why not find some of our luxury country house hotels for the perfect escape on our site.

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