It’s getting better all the time!

So sang the Beatles on their 1967 masterpiece Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band.  What do we know so far about Fine Individual Hotels?  They are unique.  They are individual.  They are boutique (i.e. small), offering a very personal service.  They are luxuriohhhus (we love that word and all that it conjures up).  Some of […]

Luxury hotels, fine dining, beautiful countryside … AND golf.  Does it get any better?

Thinking about it, perhaps we should have started with golf … as the luxury hotels, fine dining, and beautiful countryside are merely supporting actors to the greatest game on earth. That said, the chance of taking a complete break from everyday life for a few days while staying in sumptuous surroundings and playing lots of […]

Where did the phrase “boutique hotel” come from?

As we said last time, it’s a phrase that really conjures up some wonderful imagery.  It was originally coined in 1984 when Steve Rubell compared the Morgans hotel – which he owned along with Ian Schrager – to a small boutique as opposed to a “monolithic department store”. So what is a boutique hotel then, […]