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We’ve written a lot about our wonderful hotels, and what a gorgeous experience it is to stay in them.  How well you’ll be looked after.  How relaxed you’ll be.  How thoroughly spoiled and special you’ll feel.

But how do you get it right for everybody in the party?  If it’s just the two of you, that’s one thing (but you can still be faced with some interesting choices!).  But what if you’re taking children, or elderly relatives, too?  How do you make sure that the venue you choose works for everyone?

Clearly a conversation needs to be had in advance, which is all about what everyone wants to get out of the break.  Someone, for example, might want to get nothing at all out of the break – by which they probably mean, they just want to chill out and relax.  Perhaps the occasional massage?  The odd stroll (not a long hike!) through the countryside?  Take a good book, lots of down time, that sort of thing.  Sounds heavenly doesn’t it?

Someone else, on the other hand, might want a more active break.  Longer walks, perhaps even hikes, activities, sight-seeing, culture, visiting local beauty spots, and maybe, just maybe, a round of golf.

It’s tempting to say there’s a gender divide, but we should resist that.  The truth is, men and women both like the same sorts of things, it’s just that sometimes one likes them more than the other!

Of course, the really good news is that if you pick the right hotel, there will be something for everybody, so no-one needs to miss out.

Let’s have a look at some wonderful options.

Golf sand spa breaks

Several of our superb hotels offer something for everybody.  If golf would make up part of your perfect break, try this link to find a fantastic selection of options.  And you’ll get views like this too:


And if spa treatments, massages, swimming, relaxing, and general pampering are your thing, try this link and you may find yourself staying in a hotel like this:

Whatever your fancy, we’re confident we have something for you, and that you’ll reap enormous benefits from staying in one of our hotels.  Business or pleasure.  Health or fitness.  Golf or spa (or both).  Man or woman.  We have it all!

We know everything about how to give our guests a wonderful time. We are a collection of some of the finest independent and exclusive luxury family boutique hotels in the United Kingdom.



We are waiting to surprise and delight you – and to help you have the perfect day!

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