Twitter Updates

Version 1.1 of the Twitter API is the first major update of the API since its launch, and for those of us who don’t understand all this tech talk, it basically means that Twitter have updated their interface that allows you to access Twitters’ data. Twitter says:
“Not only will this visibility allow us to prevent abusive behaviour, but it will also help us to further understand how categories of applications are using the API. We’ll apply that understanding to better meet the needs of developers as we continue to evolve the platform. At this time, all authentication requires user context, but in the coming weeks we’ll be pushing out support for a form of authentication not requiring a user context”
All it really means is that any feed that is on an external website needs authorisation again, i.e. on your hotel listing. It can be fixed; you just need to follow these steps to find your Twitter ID.

Step One:

Log into your Twitter account, for this you will need your username and password.

Step Two:

Go to the settings tab, you can find this is the top right corner.


Step Three:

Click through to the widgets page


Step Four:

Click create new


Step Five:

Tick all the options, and then press save.

Step Six:

Find your Twitter ID


Step Seven:

Email your Twitter ID (from the URL) and your username to and the lovely people at Label Media will update it all for you. 

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