What wonderful images are conjured up when we hear the term “boutique hotels”?

The nights are closing in. It’s getting colder. It’s getting windier. It’s getting darker. It seems to be raining all the time. And we’re not yet in that special run up to Christmas period when none of it seems to matter!

Autumn, or “Fall” for our North American readers. Last time we gave you a line from Wordsworth, this time we’ll give you a line from Keats:

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

You might think there’s nothing very mellow about the weather at the moment though, so all the more reason to treat yourself and book a stay in one of our beautiful boutique hotels. You’ll get a warm welcome, you’ll get a lovely room, you’ll get fantastic service … and you’ll be in a fabulous location where that word “luxury” will abound!

Think about it. Warm open fires, sitting having a cocktail while you watch the sunset, hearing the rain lash against the windows while you sit in the warm, reading the restaurant menu … and struggling to choose as all the options are so delicious. And thinking to yourself – how wonderful is this?

One of the keys to a beautiful trip is surely that personal touch. Splendid as so many of our larger hotel chains are, nothing quite beats the intimacy of a small family boutique hotel, where you know that you’re getting special treatment. And it won’t break the budget either – you’ll get that luxury we mentioned in the certain knowledge that you’re also getting the best price.

boutique castle

Tempted? We know you are. Who wouldn’t be? So who are we? We are Fine Individual Hotels, a collection of some of the finest independent and exclusive luxury family boutique hotels in the United Kingdom.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend with a lakeside view, a sight-seeing city break with friends, a tranquil countryside retreat, a spa and beauty break, getting in some golf … or simply spoiling yourself for no particular reason – we will know just the place for you.

So why wait? As the saying goes:

Every day, once a day, give yourself a present …

Go on – you know you want to!

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