Luxury Boutique Hotels in Devon

Devon is a county of England, reaching from the Bristol Channel in the north to the English Channel in the south. It is a part of South West England, and bounded by Cornwall to the west, Somerset to the northeast, and Dorset to the east.

Devon has its historical origins in classical antiquity and derives its name from Dumnonia, which, during the British Iron Age and Roman Britain, was the homeland of the Dumnonii Celts.

It is a very popular holiday destination with many different attractions to see during a visit. One of the most popular destinations within Devon would be the Dartmoor National Park, which is famous for its ruggedly beautiful landscape.
Dartmoor has the largest number of archaeological remains in Europe. So if it is stone circles, menhirs, stone crosses and ancient villages that get you excited, look no further.

Below are the luxury boutique hotels in Devon; you will find hotels located in Honiton, South Sands, Burrington, Tavistock, Salisbury and the surrounding areas.

Howard's House Hotel, Salisbury

Howard’s House is an independently owned and run country hotel nestled in the heart of an idyllic Wiltshire village.
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