The brilliance of countryside wedding venues

We’ll start by asking the question – what makes the perfect wedding?  And we’ll begin our answer with – a happy couple … but clearly there’s so much more to it than that.

If we take it as a given that there’s a happy couple involved – otherwise presumably (and hopefully) they wouldn’t be getting married in the first place – let’s make a list of all the things we can think of that would make the day perfect (in no particular order):

  • everything runs smoothly
  • everyone turns up (notably of course the bride)
  • and broadly on time (at least, no-one’s inconvenienced if it isn’t)
  • the food is brilliant
  • the drinks are plentiful
  • the table plan is spot on
  • everyone gets on with one another
  • the ceremony is beautiful
  • and later on everyone says how moving it was
  • the guests love the whole day
  • the speeches are excellent
  • the parents of the happy couple get on
  • the father of the bride isn’t too scathing about his new son-in-law
  • the mother of the bride doesn’t cry so much that she doesn’t enjoy herself
  • the drinks are plentiful (did we already say that?)
  • no-one gets too drunk!
  • the music is just right

and at some point the happy couple – now husband and wife – begin their life of happiness together!

Now that’s not an exhaustive list, of course, and neither was it meant to be.  Nor was it scientific.  But if all those things happen, it was probably an excellent wedding.

Now let’s consider how many of those depend on the venue that you choose.  Go down the – list adding in your own items if you feel that we’ve left anything out – and see …

… and you’ll find that several of them depend to a large extent on the venue.  And not just the venue – but the services that they offer and the surroundings that they offer them in.

Why countryside wedding venues are the best …

Not everyone can get married in St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Frankly, not everyone would want to.  But seriously, as we’ve said before, cities and towns do have their place, and they have many fine places to get married, right across the UK …

But think about the convenience – travelling, traffic, parking.  Think about space – there’s not much of it spare in cities and towns.  Think about the weather – okay, okay there’s nothing much anyone can do about that.  But most of all think about the views … and how absolutely wonderful the photographs will look.

Where to find the best wedding venues

Well, you’re in absolutely the right place to start!  Several of our superb country house hotels are outstandingly brilliant countryside wedding venues:

Rudding Park, Harrogate

Losehill House Hotel

Washingborough Hall Hotel

Ballathie House Hotel

Howard House Hotel

and offer views like these:

howard house



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