When it comes to Luxury Hotels, is Small Better?

The old adage says that size isn’t everything – but when it comes to hotels, is this true?  Certainly when we think about some of the wonderful hotels on the strip in Las Vegas, or somewhere like the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, their enormous size and corresponding vast array of services has much to recommend them.

Most, if not all, of us would simply love a stay in one of these hotels – and why not?  And yet – if we’re thinking about staying in the UK, and want somewhere special, what can be better than a gorgeous boutique hotel, where small is certainly better?

Think about it.  The intimacy.  The romance.  The personal touch. The food is exquisite.  The drinks are delicious.  The service and friendliness is simply out of this world. After a short while you feel that you belong – you’re not a paying guest, or simply a “room number”, you’re special … and that’s what makes staying at luxury small hotels so very special.

small hotel 1

And isn’t there something … unique … about the English countryside, or the Scottish highlands, or the Welsh mountains and valleys?  Las Vegas is all very well but you don’t get a view like this from the strip

small hotel 2


So do Small Hotels offer Luxury?

Of course, it depends what you want doesn’t it?  There’s clearly something to be said for giant hotels with several restaurants and bars and concert halls and pools and shopping centres and all that jazz … but if you want a quiet time, where you can get away from it all and can just relax, where you feel beautifully spoiled, and where you don’t have to spend several hours on a plane to get there (not to mention security at the airports, queues at immigration, and the usual long and frustrating wait for your luggage), then Fine Individual Hotels is for you.

We know everything about how to give our guests a wonderful time. We are a collection of some of the finest independent and exclusive luxury family boutique hotels in the United Kingdom.


You can find excellent luxury small hotels through our web site where we are waiting to surprise and delight you!


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