What makes a hotel the perfect romantic luxury destination?

This is a little bit like asking, why stay in a hotel at all when most of us are lucky enough to have a home of our own with all the amenities?  At home it’s probably fair to say that you won’t have to pay to stay there (ignoring the mortgage, Council Tax etc.); won’t have to check out of your bedroom by 11 o’clock; won’t hear other guests banging doors and talking loudly at three in the morning; and won’t suffer all those little frustrations and annoyances that are part and parcel of not staying at home.

But then again, it needn’t be like that, of course, if you choose the right hotel …

Sit back for a moment, stretch your legs, relax, and think about it. You may be staying in a hotel that looks like this!

boutique castle

You’ll have a wonderful bedroom and a delightfully comfortable bed.  You’ll look out of the window and see staggering views.  You’ll enjoy very fine dining that you won’t have to cook!  There’ll be an excellent selection of drinks.  There will be hot tubs, and spas, and plenty of ways to relax and enjoy yourself.  There might even be golf (if you happen to be that way inclined!).  You might sit poolside with a good book, or just close your eyes …


or you might find yourself sipping a drink on the balcony …



Whatever you’re doing, you’ll be away from it all.  You’ll be able to switch off completely from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, be pampered, be romantic, and be free!

And that’s what makes a hotel the perfect romantic luxury destination … so go on, spoil yourself!

We know everything about how to give our guests a wonderful time. We are a collection of some of the finest independent and exclusive luxury family boutique hotels in the United Kingdom.


We are waiting to surprise and delight you!

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