Spring time breaks in Yorkshire

With the fading of the inhospitable Yorkshire winter comes the arrival of spring, perhaps the best season in which to visit this glorious part of the country, particularly with the range of luxury hotels and spas to choose from.

Take your pick in North Yorkshire

From York’s National Railway Museum to the historic Rievaulx Abbey in Helmsley, there is plenty to do and see in the Harrogate area of North Yorkshire, often cited as the most beautiful part of the largest county in the country. Of course, accommodation is always a consideration when planning a UK break, and this is another department that North Yorkshire excels in. While some of the UK’s tourist hotspots are often limited to bed and breakfasts, and standard hotel fare, North Yorkshire offers settings ranging from country houses to hotel and spas.

Once you have made your choice from the range of hotels in the area, it is time to build yourself a schedule for the trip. UK breaks are often crammed into long weekends, meaning time is of the essence. If you want to strike a balance between North Yorkshire’s mixture of natural beauty, historical sites and local interest, take a look at the options and plan your break.

A county that combines history and natural beauty

The welcoming Ripon Cathedral is set within attractive grounds and features a Saxon crypt for you to discover. Meanwhile, if you are determined to benefit from as much fresh air as possible while away from the house, Brimham Rocks in Harrogate features age old rock formations that are as intriguing to youngsters as those of us who have seen it all before. Anyone who enjoyed the books and TV series will be keen to pass through the World of James Herriot, a charming little tourist attraction in the village of Thirsk.

rudding park

Harrogate is country hotel heaven

Whether you are staying in a boutique country house, or one of the many luxury hotels the UK has to offer in this area, the beauty of North Yorkshire is that all these places are accessible by a short drive. Country house hotels often possess a number of facilities that make a day spent on site enjoyable, including golf and spa hotels, a number of restaurants, or a spa. At the Rudding Park Hotel we offer an 18-hole golf course suitable for all levels of players, from beginners through to seasoned golfers.

If you are coming from overseas, house hotels can be a good option, allowing you to experience an English way of living, from cooked breakfasts in the morning, to long walks around the grounds as the spring weather begins to warm up. There really is a whole host of options when choosing a luxury hotel in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

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